Art (abandonedsoul) wrote,

so there i was

so there i was, chilling in the shade of a cherry tree along Hillcrest when a cop pulls up to me. i don't see him at first cuz i have my headphones blaring, but i sure as hell notice him when he jams a gun in my face. it's not everyday this happens, so i take out my headphones and look up at him.
"uh...can i help you, officer?"
i mean, what the hell do i say to him? so anyway, the dude looks at me and goes,
"oh shit sorry, wrong person."
then he walks away.

Anyhoo, I was drunk the other day and i realized that if you die, you cease to live. yah, pretty profound.

then the other day i learned that people who cease to live may not be dead but may be only mostly dead. there's a difference between all dead and mostly dead. miracle max said so.
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