Art (abandonedsoul) wrote,

just watched Wolverine 3: The Drama of Cheese

and it sucked. massively. i'm not going to get into the details of the storyline fuckup, but it destroyed it, then contradicted itself, then re-contradicted itself all while fucking itself.

The action scenes blew. Finding Nemo had better action scenes.

What was with all the overdramatic and cheesy crap? And the attempted-yet-miserably-failed subtle humor?

And what about the shitteness of the movie in general? And the acting by most of the non-50 million a picture cast?

Halle Barry/Berry/Berri/Bery/whatever was hot.

On the plus side, my bud and I blew $104.06 on sushi at Sushi Sam's. Fuck yah.
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